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Merryland International Corporation as one of the pioneer companies in the field of hospitality industries and hospitals. Merryland is proud of being a main supplier in the prestigious projects. Merryland started since 1975.
A. Safety and Security Mechanical & Electronically  
1-Door Hardware:
Locks, hinges, door-closers, exit-devices, door accessories, gasket, thresholds, door bottom, etc. 2-Sliding and revolving doors, mechanical and photocell. 3-Hotel electronic key card system. 4-Integrated security system: •  Card access systems for Offices & buildings •  Electronic Locking System for Hotels •  Card Readers    
B. Plumbing

• 1. Bathroom fittings. • 2. Bathroom accessories for guest rooms and public areas, bathroom dispensers, hair dryers, hand dryers, and shaving mirrors. • 3. Water saving device, 15-seconds push button and photocell for washbasins, shower, urinals and W.C.
• 4. Handicaps equipments.    
C. Electric Items

•  Decorative lamp shapes, wall scones and ceiling lamps. •  Energy saving: •  Energy saving power for guest rooms. •  Minibars with or without safes. •  Safes and safe deposit (digital or by credit cards).   D. Decorative Items
1. Textile wall covering with border and assorted fabrics. 2. Vinyl tissue wall covering & Vinyl Wall Paper 3. Laminated tissue for upholstery. 4. Matting and artificial grass. 5. Under layer and moquette accessories.    

International Factories represented by Merryland  

•  Corbin Russwin ASSA Abloy for hardware USA •  Yale ASSA Abloy for hardware USA •  Essex International : for hardware •  Sargent ASSA Abloy •  Mckinney Hinges ASSA Abloy •  Union ASSA Abloy for hardware UK •  Black & Decker for hardware •  Nemef , Dom , Corbin •  Serdanelli for Luxurious hardware & bath room fittings & accessories - France •  Bricard Bronze De France for Luxurious hardware •  Timelox for Electronic Locking System- Sweden •  Timelox Card Reader Sweden •  KABA Unican for Electronic Locking System •  Ilco Unican stand alone system Canada •  Marlock Unican wired system - USA •  Energy Saving box •  National Guard Products for threshold gasket & door bottom USA •  Pemko for threshold gasket & door bottom - USA •  Trimco •  Bommer •  Marker Products for continuous hinges •  Blasi for revolving , sliding & swinging doors - Germany •  Kemlite : for glasbord - England •  Hamat : for matting & door mats Holland •  Sloan : for bathroom fittings with photocell & mech. USA •  Delabie for bathroom fittings with photocell & mech - France •  Grohe for bathroom fittings •  Fratelli frattini : for bathroom fittings & accessories - Italy •  Dart Vally System for bathroom fittings with photocell - England •  Ball & Young for underlay - England •  Omexco : for textile wall covering & assorted fabrics Belgium •  Vescom : for tissue vinyl Holland •  Contract System Inc. : for tissue vinyl USA •  Bekaert : for tissue vinyl & assorted fabric Belgium •  Print 4 : for textile wall cover Italy •  Metro wall covering- assorted textile Sound proof wall covering - Canada •  Marvic textile England •  Veraceta for silk fabrics & Damasse France •  Tektura for Wall covering - UK •  Deraat : for hotel safes Patente FAC for hotel safes - Spain  
Merryland project reference:  

•  Marsa Alam Airport Mechanical Hardware Washroom accessories from ASI   •  Poly Vinyl Factor Washroom accessories from ASI   •  Cairo Marriott Hotel Electronic locking system Mechanical locking system Vinyl tissue wall covering Handicap equipment Glassbord Photocell fitting     •  Cairo Sheraton Electronic locking system Bathroom accessories   •  Mena House Oberoi Royal suite fittings & accessories Mechanical hardware   •  Ramses Hilton Mechanical hardware Vinyl Tissue wall covering   •  Semiramis Intercontinental Mechanical Hardware Wall Paper Bathroom Accessories   •  Marriott Hurghada Electronic locking system Mechanical locking system Bathroom accessories Glassbord Matting   •  Marriott Sharm El Sheikh phase I , phase II Electronic locking system Mechanical locking system Bathroom accessories Glassbord Matting   •  Sheraton Hurghada Mechanical hardware   •  El Sheikh Zayed hospital Mechanical hardware   •  Presidency Heliopolis & Alexandria Bathroom fitting & accessories Textile wall covering & Moquette & Ruggs   •  Prime minister building & Annex Palace Textile wall covering , borders & assorted textiles Silk wall covering & assorted textile for cladding & curtains   •  El Guezira Sheraton Vinyl tissue wall covering Lampshade Material Bathroom accessories Public area accessories Handicap equipment   •  El Sheikh Zayed Sofitel Sharm El Sheikh Mechanical hardware Bathroom accessories   •  Holiday Inn Mechanical hardware Bathroom accessories Vinyl wall covering   •  El Sheikh Zayed Sofitel Luxor Mechanical hardware   •  Nubia Village Mechanical hardware   •  Nile Helton Mechanical hardware Vinyl Tissue wall covering Luxurious textile wall covering     •  Oberoi Aswan Mechanical hardware Bathroom accessories   •  Sheraton Heliopolis Textile wall covering Gold leaf wall covering   •  Hyundai Project Mechanical hardware   •  General Motors Project Tissue Vinyl   •  First Residence Giza Mechanical hardware   •  International Hurgada Mechanical hardware   •  Grand Mercure Nesco Mechanical hardware Bathroom accessories   •  Intelligence Hotel Ministry of Interior Electronic locking system & Mechanical hardware     •  Johnson Wax Factory Mechanical hardware     •  Dreams Sharm El Sheikh Mechanical hardware   •  Fantazia Sharm El Sheikh Mechanical hardware   •  El Maghrabi Hospital Vinyl Tissue wall covering   •  Grand in Sharm El Sheikh Mechanical hardware   •  Marriott Golden View Sharm El Sheikh Electronic & Mechanical hardware   •  IBMT resort Hotel Taba Electronic & Mechanical hardware Hotel safes & bathroom accessories Royal suite textile wall covering & assorted textile   •  Grand beach resort in Hurgada Mechanical hardware   •  Le Meridien Nile Tower Galleria ( Hyundai general contractor ) Mechanical hardware Luxurious textile wall covering   •  Ras El Tein Airport Mechanical hardware   •  International Societe General Banque Bathroom accessories   •  AUC in Cairo Bathroom accessories   •  Project 2000 for intelligence Electronic locking system   •  Nile City Project Mechanical hardware   •  Ministry of interior & Minister Office Mechanical hardware Silk cladding wall covering Sound proof wall covering Underlay   •  Le Meridien Heliopolis Royal Suite Wall covering & assorted textile   •  Le Meridien Cairo Wall covering Bathroom accessories   •  Holliday inn Wall covering   •  Kattameya City Center Hardware   •  Alexandria City Center Bathroom accessories     •  Four Seasons Hotel at the Nile Plaza in Cairo Electronic locking system Mechanical Door hardware & Maglocks   •  Ministry of communication building B3 + B4 Hardware Bathroom   •  Golden Pyramids Plaza Wall covering     •  Le Meridian Gallery Door Hardware Luxurious textile wall covering   •  Pfizer Head Office Vinyl wall covering Luxurious textile wall covering   •  Japan Embassy Hardware Wall Covering   •  T Boat Wall Covering   •  Arab African Bank Garden City Wall Covering   •  Smart Village Building A ( Ginza ) Hardware   •  Smart Village Building A7 ( Shuttering) Hardware   •  Cairo Airport Hall (3) ( Mediterranean Sea Company ) Hardware Bathroom Accessories   •  Cairo Airport Commercial Centre ( Ginza) Hardware Bathroom Accessories   •  Psychiatric Health Resort Hardware Bathroom   •  Lab Facility Project Hardware   •  Marriot Renaissance Wall covering Hardware Bathroom Accessories