HARDWARE - Ibottom
 Comfort Series
The Comfort range is created for internal doors, the most relevant characteristics of which are the management, flexibility, control and, above all, comfort of the system Main Points:
Electronic handle blocking syste
m .
Wire free system that operates on 3 standard alkaline batteries which allow up-to 60,000 operations.
Optional possibility of mechanical cylinder override.

Tested and approved for ½ hour fire rating according.
Available in most European mortise lock versions as well as in the Scandinavian Modular lock versions.
Each set of electronic furniture allows for up to 1,000 users in the ROM (Read Only) versions and 64,000 users in the RW (Read-Write) versions.
Anti vandal protection due to the electronics being housed in the inner backplate.
Storage in the R/W escutcheon of the last 1000 openings in its non volatile memory (680 in the ROM version).
Audio alerts for the most common functions
The encoder is extremely small in size . Therefore it requires only minimum desk space.
Button free. A LED light and/or acoustic signal indicates when to place the iButton on the encoder.
Connection to the PC can by established through a simple RS232 cable. Alternatively in case a hotel PMS interface is required offers Ethernet Encoders that can be connected to the Ethernet IT network.
Power source: 220 V AC (12 V DC)
PPD Series
The Portable Programming Device (PPD) is used to interchange data between the off-line doors and the Access Management Software .
Keys Series
stainless steel housing) mounted on an ergonomic and comfortable plastic holder.
Over 75 million people in the world use this type of key to identify themselves at a broad range of applications where secure and comfortable ID is of an essence.
Lever Series
Satin stainless steel.
Polished stainless steel
Polished brass
Satin Brass
Antique Brass
White (Power Coated)
Black (Power Coated)
HAMS Series
Especially designed to manage the access control of Hospitality projects. Both Rooms and back of house doors are managed in one system.
Easy Interface with PMS (Property Management System), through RS232 or TCP/IP .