HARDWARE - Cylinders
 AssaV10 Series
atented key design and exclusive end-user keyways offer maximum protection against unauthorized key duplication and the highest level of control currently available. V-10 cylinders meet UL437 standards for pick and drill resistance. Cylinders incorporate a dual locking mechanism with coded side bar and specially designed stainless steel pins to twart picking attempts. Rim, mortise and cylindrical lock cylinders are available to retrofit most popular brands of commercial hardware and are field serviceable
Signature Series
Extra security, exclusive end-user pattern, and patented key control are the main benefits of the Signature Series. The patented key design provides additional control over unauthorized key duplication, while the cylinder's unique design resists attempts at manipulation. The Signature feature is offered in the majority of keyways to provide a perfect solution to upgrading the level of control in an existing masterkey system.
XC Series
The XC Series is a patented product which incorporates a side pin mechanism working in conjunction with a specially milled key The XC patent pending product which is readily integrated into most key systems. Since the keyways used for XC are the same as many other key systems, this offers a highly cost effective means of achieving higher security without the need to change an existing system. Keys and cylinders are patent protected (issued and pending), with keys available only from authorized distributors
Keso Series
Keso provides an intermediate level of key control with a unique six-sided key design. The dimpled key requires sophisticated key-cutting equipment. The unusual cylinder with 3 banks of pins is extremely pick resistant and allows for multiple levels of masterkeying with no loss of security. While existing Keso systems are supported, recommends the higher levels of control provided by Signature and V-10 for new systems
Conventioal Series
Cylinders and keys provide a minimal level of control in a full range of keyways. Geographically restricted key sections are available
6300 Series
The 6300 Series Removable Core cylinders and construction cores allow quick change of keying without having to remove the lock from the door or dissamble the knob or lever. Cores are interchangeable with all mortise locks, exit devices, cylindrical locks, padlocks and auxiliary locks.
7300 Series
These cores are available in 6 and 7 pin keyways.
Europian Series
These cores are available in 4,5,6 and 7 pin keyways-double and half cylinders